my wishlist

aka a non-comprehensive list of things i think are cute and am randomly adding in no particular order!!

time until my birthday

    gift ideas uwu

    from artists!

    KRISPY ART🐸ANYTHING FROM KRISPY on god i Must have all of their tiny chibi charms…. THEYRE SO 🤲🫶🫶
    blulious art !!x 
    pemprika pins and art !!x and xWOWOWEEE their pins are just GORGEOUS
    ghibli advent calendarxtheir projects look soooo cool BUT ESP THE GHIBLI ADVENT CALENDAR PWEASE 🥺💘💘
    disequil's pinsxliterally just so pretty aaaa the spring day esque ones and the glow in the dark kitsinguri ones!
    eme's hoodiex 
    peach cat purse!x 
    peterokii's artx 
    gojo cat earringsxPLS THEY'RE SO CUTE and also i think they're sold out now sobs
    hamjinxcries like ANY hamjin merch ALSO LOOK AT THE TINY ARMY BOMB PLUSHIE THING
    nushanchel's artx 
    elle's art!!xnotepads and stickers and charms aaaaa so cute
    these glow-in-the-dark bts pinsxshine shine shineeeeee
    baomii's artx 
    cali's pin clubxcali's pins are INSANELY AMAZING WHEW
    bluelyboo's pinsx 
    sunny's artxi've been following ikimaru for SO LONG AND THEIR ART IS JUST THE CUTEST PLS my heart
    kwee’s rebirth pin set!!!!xA++++ packaging on the pin set aaaaaa but also my fave is onion for sure
    choodraws’ pins and printsxloveee their art style ugh yes THE KNIFE GIRL AAAAA
    fiendishpal’s artx 
    loika’s artx 
    hana’s artxtheir zines and prints!! so cool
    this liddol frying pan pinxcute right ??


    THESE HEART HOODIES??xSO COOL AAAA i love all of snow’s designs
    roller skate sneakersxTHE SOPHISTICATED COUSIN OF HEELYS???? let me live my dreams pls omg
    hslot tote bagx(or the hoodie)
    gucci loafersxfASHION OKAY
    dissu’s jewelryx 
    this goofy hatxbut you need to tell me how i'd style this lmao
    painted nikesxokay like any fandom-based shoes (atla, bts, etc.) would be so dope
    kwee’s cereal hoodiesxsize L


    sizing etc

    ♡ generally i’m a size S or M, around size 4 in dresses and pants♡ shoe size 9.5 womens, 7.5 mens♡ silver > gold but i like both!

    da tiktok list

    good luck bestie all i can tell ya is that it’s something in the video…


    cake deco kitxif i can’t have a real one then i want this one
    35mm film camera-these are exponse but also like if you thrifted one 👀 (if you're in the mood to burn cash: leica cameras... yes)
    concert tickets!!$bts, stray kids, harry styles, ariana grande, honne, h.e.r., svt, monsta x, twice, one ok rock, eric nam, epik high, keshi, mxmtoon, ateez, a.c.e., lyn lapid, gallant, feyde, clairo, laufey, noso, gemini, junny, keshi, other bands you think would be cool! the link is for the gift cards if you don’t have a chance to buy a ticket ticket uwu
    displayable cd playerxthe purple dynamite one 💜 but both are so cute!!
    paper-making kitx 
    we're not really strangers card setxthe main card game or any of the expansion packs)

    if you're still struggling lol

    ♡ you can literally send me 20 bucks on venmo and say "X dollars toward that new camera you wanted!" or smthg and i will actually save up for it♡ donate to charity and send me a screenshot of the receipt!! most environmental ones are good or you can ask me for a charity rec!♡ ask my fam or friends, pool ur money together and go wild, idk♡ this is literally a list of things i cannot offer you more advice than everything already here klshglshs